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Bicycle Touring/ Recreation

Bicyclists riding on highwayBicyclists have many rides and routes to choose from in Arizona-scenic roads, state highways, arterial roadways, paved and unpaved shared use paths, and desert and mountain off-road trails. Whatever your cycling ability or preferred terrain, Arizona offers you wonderful places to travel by bicycle and splendid rides to enjoy.

Be sure to check out the MAPS section of this website for information about riding on Arizona roadways.

Trails, Shared Use Paths & Rides

Bicyclists riding on trail

Whether you're new to biking, a recreational rider, commuter, or professional cyclist, you'll find miles of bicycle facilities, paths, and routes across the state. For information about trails and routes in a specific location of your interest, consult the many publications and guides to Arizona trails and routes available in local bike shops, book stores, or online. Bicycling clubs and organizations are a great resource, and local cities and/or counties often have bicycling programs and coordinators who may provide additional information.

On-road bicyclists share the roadways with motor vehicles. Check out the ADOT Bicycle User Map for information on route shoulder widths, traffic volumes, and grades.

Road bicycling is a great way to enjoy the scenic wonders of Arizona's Byways. To plan your trip, view a listing of Federal Scenic Byways within Arizona.

Before riding on roadways, you can check out the Arizona Traveler Information System to get real-time information on work zones, detours, and events that cause delays and congestion on major roadways in Arizona.

Bicyclists riding in National Park
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